Peccato chiamarle camerette

Peccato chiamarle camerette

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CIA International

For over 40 years, CIA International has been making bedrooms for children and young people alike.

The company philosophy is based on innovation pursued with energy, passion and experience.

The children’s bedrooms and innovative CIA patents were created to meet the needs of children, teens and parents. This is achieved through the ability to reinvent the spaces where they sleep, play and grow up in.

For this reason, our company designs and produces furnishings that will grow with the children and will aid them with their different and multiple needs.

On our website you will be able to see the different solutions that CIA International has on offer to furnish not only teenager’s children’s bedrooms, but also living areas with modern furniture ideas.

CIA International aims to meet the needs of those who are looking for Italian design, practical, space saving furniture.

CIA International retailers offer a wide range of solutions for those looking to furnish their homes with functional design furniture manufactured with high quality materials; you can choose from furniture sets suggested by CIA or choose individual items to furnish your room as you like best.

CIA International can also suggest space saving ideas for smaller apartments, like our patented pull out bed system and modular bookcases that can be assembled to fit the available space!